Short Story

sunsets20ocean20clouds20beach20sea20photography20reflections201920x120020wallpaper_www-wallpaperhi-com_12The waves of the ocean rage as they crash upon the beach. I sit, looking out at the sea and the glistening of the water as it moves so gracefully towards my feet and washes over me. The feel of the water is so cool and relaxing as it covers me and then, ever so quickly, pulls back out into the ocean. I lay on my back, resting in the warm sand as the sun kisses my face with its heat. As I stare up at the beautiful blue sky I begin to think how anyone could deny that God is the creator of all this that gives this world so much beauty, that He is the creator of everything. I watch the clouds as they are being pushed across the sky by the wind. As the breeze blows and the saltiness of the air envelopes me and the sound of the rushing water soothes me I know that even though I may seem alone, God is right beside me. I can feel His presence in every detail of my surroundings. I can see His existence in everything around me. I lay here entranced in the peace of Him and His presence that floods over me. Soon the sun will begin to duck behind the clouds as dusk will soon approach. I will watch the sun set and the moon will rise with all the stars spread out so precisely in the dark sky. Tomorrow may never come and today will soon be an end. So the time I have now I will cherish and put to use as I remain in the peace of your presence to take me where you want me. For now I will say, Goodnight.


  • Not based on true events.

Friends are honest..or suppose to be, right?

I sit hear with many thoughts running through my mind; Things I am thankful for, tasks that I need to get done, stuff I would like to discuss with people, but decided to continue to keep it to myself. So many thoughts… So many things that I contemplate doing or saying.. So here I am searching in the depths of my mind, trying to sort through it all. Shall I speak what’s hidden in there? Shall I keep it tucked away? Shall I express what I really think?  Shall I share my sincere feelings? Here I am pondering on what to do. Friends are honest… or suppose to be, right? What if what I say hurts them? What if they pull away? What if they become angered at my words? So many what ifs run through my mind. I always talk about how truth should be held above all things, but when it comes to very serious conversations or issues that are a big deal, to yourself, it becomes hard to be fully open and honest with someone. When someone else’s life is affected by their mistakes and uncaringness how do you approach them and let them see, hear, and feel the love that are in the words you say to them? So many questions play in my mind like a broken record player. I want to open up. I want to be honest. More importantly, I want them to listen. I want them to be accepting of the concern I have for them. I want them to see the view from the outside of their life….. Until my words are spoken they will continue to stay within the deepest parts of my mind, counseled for only me to know. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance in their life and for all blinders to be removed! I will continue to show them love and compassion. I will continue to just be there…