The Truth,Will You Know it When it Stares You in The Face?

I go each day seeking the truth in all things. I live a life following Christ and my desire is to know and obey His will for my life. I am not a perfect Christian nor do I claim to be one. I do, however, long to know the truth and speak it through His spirit anytime possible. I don’t understand how someone can shut down true facts when it’s presented to them. When the truth is staring you straight in the face will you accept it? Would you be open to receive it? or would you reject it? or ignore it? I’m not just talking about the truth of God’s word, I am talking about all truth in general. Sometimes we want people to tickle our ears by telling us what we want to hear, but what good comes from that? how is that encouraging? in what way can that build us up? The truth can hurt at times and sometimes we accept it easily when it is poured out into our lives, but what about when the truth seems harsh or insensitive, then we don’t want to listen or accept it. Sometimes the truth is mistaken for judgment and people’s first reaction is “don’t judge me!” when in fact it isn’t judgment, but truth. I am saying this because I am coming to a point in my life that I am no longer going to tip toe around people who are not open to the truth. God has called all His children to follow and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, not lies and ear tickling. It is possible to speak truth out of love and not be a stumbling block to your brothers in sisters in Christ. As the body of Christ we are to hold each other accountable and be encouraging and uplifting in our walk. To many Christians go day by day without being honest with their fellow brothers and sisters because of the fear of upsetting them or angering them with the truth. May I ask why you would compromise the truth when you know what is better for their soul in the end? If you are not completely honest with someone then you are giving in to lies and deception no matter how small the matter is, truth always outweighs not being honest. I have not been open and honest in the past with loved ones because of being afraid of how it would affect their emotions over how it is affecting their souls and life. I have seen things that could have been prevented if I would have just spoken up, so I have learned the true importance of speaking the truth for the sake of someone’s soul! As a Christian it means to be Christ like. Christ always spoke the truth and in return some where angered, most persecuted him, he faced many trials and tribulation from the religious crowd. Living your life as a true Christian means to take up your cross and follow Him daily. He tells us that those who choose His life over this world and over the traditions of man will face persecution, trials, and tribulation, but the end is all worth it! The truth, will you know it when it stares you in the face?


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