Getting Settled

So over this past weekend my husband and I finally moved into to our new house. A house that we now call “our home.” After one sprained wrist and many bruises from moving, we are finally getting settled. Spending our time that we have unpacking, rearranging, organizing, and putting things where they belong. Although it seems like a lot, we are still so excited to be doing it. We once again we have a place that we can truly call our own! We once again we have a home that we can make it our own…. finally….. So here we are ready to start new adventures and create lasting memories in this lovely place that we call “our home.” Our excitement is at an all time high knowing of where we have been and what is to come. I can’t thank God enough for where He has brought us 🙂 Every moment that I am away from our home I can’t wait to go back to it and work more to create a place that we love and adore to call ours. Once again we can have family game night and host family functions at our home. Once again we can enjoy a yard and the joys of having our own space. Once again we finally get settled into a place that is ours! Blessed are we to have this opportunity and how blessed we are knowing what next huge adventure stands before us!

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