All in time

Your smile I have pictured. Your laugh I have imagined. Your beauty I have wondered. Your sweetness I have desired. Your preciousness I have longed for. You I will have. Your smile I will see. Your laugh I will hear. Your beauty I will gaze on. You sweetness I will feel. Your preciousness will fill me. You I will have. All in time. You I will have.


Moving day is approaching!

So its only a week away until my husband and I will be moving. Finally going to be back in a house instead of an apartment. Finally going to have our own yard again. Finally going to have our own privacy again. Finally. Finally. Finally. I am so ready to get moved. Ready To decorate how we want. Ready to make it our own. Ready to give our special touch. Ready. Ready. Ready. It feels like it has been forever since we have been in a place that we can truly call ours! Excited about all the changes that are to happen. School, moving, adoption process and only God knows what else is to come our way. So thankful that God is in control and I can trust in Him fully to guide our every step.