SSSH and Listen

As my husband and I crawled in bed I urged him to turn on our fan. After getting settled in I asked him once again and received no reply, he just continued to lay there with his eyes closed breathing so softly. I, being insistent, gently nudged and asked, yet again, to turn our fan on so that we could go to sleep. He replied ever so sweetly, saying “SSSH and listen”…… not sure of what he wanted me to listen to I asked and he replied “SSSH and listen, listen to the rain for a minute.” So there I was snuggled against him and listening, listening to the gentle thump of the rain falling. The longer I listened the more it began to sound rhythmical like it was a song being played. Soon I was overwhelmed with how relaxing it was to just SSSH and listen that I began to think how we just rush our lives trying to get through each task that we have planned from day to day. We don’t stop and smell the roses as many say, but today I tell you stop, stop and listen to the rain that falls to the earth to revitalize this world that we live. Stop and watch the clouds float so peacefully above our heads. Stop and gaze upon the beauty that lies before our very eyes that we so sadly take for granted. Stop, SSSH and listen!



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