Ice cream, why must you be the only thing I can think about as my night is coming to an end and the sound of my bed calling my name increases. Moose tracks. Turtle tracks. Blueberry pie. Oh my!  You are so sweet, so cool, and so refreshing to my taste buds. May I plunge my spoon into your soft inviting carton? May I bring you up to my mouth to taste the goodness that you offer? Oh what they hey I am going to anyways! Night y’all



We have a Friendship that will last a lifetime

16 years of laughter. 16 years of tears. 16 years of going through guys. 16 years of advice. 16 years of agreeing to disagree. 16 years of being us. 16 years of fights. 16 years of making up. 16 years of being there. 16 years of sisterhood. 16 years has passed and now many more to come.
Looking back on all those years ago, two kids in elementary school with an instant connection, now here we are, adults and living life as close as ever. No not all of our dreams that we had dwelled on as children has come to be, but one thing is for sure and that is our friendship will last a lifetime. I love you my best friend! This picture that I share is from 7 years ago.